Flight Training
  • Introductory Flights for potential students
  • Annual Training requirements for Transport Canada
  • Endorsements on Robinson R22, R44, Bell 206, Astar
  • External Load and Vertical Reference
  • Canadian Licence Conversions
  • Training on customer's helicopters 
  • A deposit is required before training with new customers
Other Training
  • Bush Camp Operations
  • Operational Confined Area Training
  • Ground Instruction for recency, licencing and any of the above courses
  • Technical Record Training
Rotorworks has Transport Canada Delegation for the following
  • Flight Tests
  • Pilot Proficiency Checks
  • Aviation Language Proficiency Tests
  • PSTAR Tests for the issue of Student Pilot Permits, currency and licencing
  • Authourized Person for Licencing and Endorsements - Helicopter
  • Restricted Radio Licence for Aviation (Industry Canada)
Commercial Operations
  • Charter Flights with the Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter
  • Aerial Photography
  • Commercial Operations Audits
Rotorworks Inc. works with other companies to provide the following services to the helicopter industry.
  • Robinson Helicopter Sales through Aerial Recon, Eric Gould at 403-508-1700 or
  • Helicopter Insurnace through Magnes Group, Keely Vestergaard at 604-926-6787 or
  • Helicopter Covers through Sheila Manweiler, (see Photo Gallery, page 2) 780-778-5028,
  • Maintenance Audits with Aerocor, Mel Clayton at 403-948-5280